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Station Dashboard - Normal Mode

The station dashboard shows a quick overview of the status of the fire station.

It answers questions as: who is on-call at the moment, and what are the upcoming understaffing warnings for the week (if any).

There is also room for announcements, for example about upcoming social events, the current weather, or requesting the crew's opinion using polls.

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Station Dashboard - Incident Mode

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As soon as the pager goes off, the station dashboard switches to "incident mode".

This mode shows the location of the station, the route to the incident location, the crew who confirmed that they are responding and their estimated time of arrival.

It also displays any last-minute understaffing warnings that are in effect. This could happen, for example, when too many people unexpectedly reject the call. FireServiceRota detects this, and can sent out an alert to all off-duty crew with the required skills after 30 seconds.

Group Schedule

The group schedule schedule shows who is available at which time, and also warns against imminent and future understaffing.

In the image on the right, you can see these understaffing warnings per apparatus, and the crew's availability.

These warnings are based on the minimum required skills, and the actual available skills for each apparatus during every time of the day.

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Historical Readiness Statistics

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This report shows if and when the station was under strength.

This could help answer questions as: for which times of the week do we have a lack of people, and if so, which skills do we need?

Crew Availability Statistics

This report shows general statistics about crew availability during various periods of the week. It also gives insight into whether they are available when it really counts. In other words: how often are they part of the minimum crew?
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Schedule Alteration Audits

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This report shows information about who changed their availability and at which moment of the day.

Here you get answers to useful questions like: did they go on duty to solve understaffing, or did they make themselves unavailable and cause it? This increases responsibility and accountability.

Incident Reports

After returning from an incident, the system automatically creates an incident report. This shows when and where the incident occurred, who was available at the time, who responded to it, and in which role or capacity.

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Crew Incident Statistics

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This report gives detailed information about the crew's participation during incidents. It answers questions such as: how often did a crew member attend incidents, in which role (commander, driver, etc), and how often did they show up at the station, only to discover that the apparatus had already left.

This can aid in ensuring incidents are fairly allocated to crew, increase motivation, and to keep track of skill currency.

Region Monitor

If your station collaborates with other fire stations, or is alerted through the same dispatch center, it is also possible to show the crewing status of multiple apparatus over multiple stations on a map.

This gives regional authorities a tactical view of the resilience/readiness of their area.

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