Support collaboration between wholetime (WDS) and retained (RDS) firefighters

Easily exchange personnel in case of crewing deficiencies.

Manage WDS and RDS with flexible scheduling software

FireServiceRota streamlines exchanging crew between wholetime and retained stations, optimises crewing levels, helps prevent booking overtime.

Provide freedom and flexibility by allowing shift exchanges without the nuisance of manual request and approval processes.

This helps balance family life and contractual obligations.

Tracks contractual targets and balances workload

Personnel as well as schedulers can track fulfillment of contractual targets and easily balance workload. Support detailed workflows related to e.g. non-operational work, sickness, training or resilience by specifying additional ‘availability codes’ for a shift.

Offer the right level of detail

The daily lives of retained firefighters require a more detailed level of availability management. They can plan their availability per quarter of an hour while wholetime firefighters availability is managed per shift.

Manage WDS and RDS with flexible scheduling software

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